Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean 3 — At World’s End (2007)

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I decided I ought to add my movie reviews here in this blog as well since I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately in the theatres and been writing some lengthy reviews (unfortunately, not that much for the earlier ones I’ve watched). I warn you now that whenever I comment on movies that have been released in the theatres, I have a tendency to go into quite detail, so there will be plenty of spoilers in these posts. These reviews have been x-posted from my LJ over here, so this post was actually made a while back (according to my LJ, June 3rd, 2007)…anyways, here lies spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie yet…

  • First off, I must talk about Norrington. I’ve loved him since the first movie so clearly you can imagine how surprised and crushed I was to see what his fate would be. I used to say in the old POTC boards about how the Navy was everything to him and that in the beginning of POTC2 he was a man who lost everything—his rank, the girl, his sense of dignity—so I was pleased to see him in uniform again and reunited with his sword that Will crafted from the first movie. Then you remember how he had gotten back, but you could tell he was a bit uncomfortable with his position; you can tell he’s the sort of man who’d never intentionally join the bad guys’ side, and that was made especially clear by his reaction to Governor Swann’s death. What he did I think was enough to redeem himself for the decision he made in the last movie that got him his position back (and as much as I am a Will/Liz fan, I am very glad that dear Norrie got some action, lol—hmm, has Elizabeth been on first-name basis with Norrington since the second movie? I can’t remember). I wish he had a bit more screentime, maybe a bit more fight scenes before his…yeah…his final attempt to at least hurt Davy Jones…that’s my Norrie, fighting to the end *tear* I think I might need to make a gazillion wallpapers now…
  • Now I’m a Will/Elizabeth shipper so I’m glad that things were resolved between them (very hot scene between them btw after Jack came back on board and it was revealed that she left Jack to the Kraken). Cute that they got married in the middle of a battle and by Barbossa. Having said that, I was very surprised and dismayed when Davy Jones stabbed Will and Liz was telling him to hang on and stuff. It had me choked up there for a moment. I’m glad that Will ultimately survived but I am a little iffy about how they fared at the end…I mean, he can only come to land once every ten years? That is a very sucky deal, there was no way they could’ve given him an extension? Maybe Calypso could renegotiate the deal, make it a bit more flexible or something? It’s weird how Will ended up in such a situation compared to where he was at the beginning of the series, he didn’t want to be a pirate and now he’s ferrying dead souls to the other side. Granted, he did save his dad in the end and kept his word and he got the girl, but at such a cost…did Tia Dalma know that it would end up like this for Will? I loved the scene at the very end after the credits, it did make their story a whole lot better considering how bittersweet it ended for them during the time.
  • Jack Sparrow going mad at Davy’s Locker with the crew of Jacks, LOL. I love how it’s like this running theme throughout the movie as he figures out what to do and stuff. But it was great to see. His scenes with Barbossa are funny, especially with regards to who is really in charge of the Black Pearl. I loved his scene with his dad; pity they only had one scene together, if they do a fourth movie, it has to be a father-son adventure. What particularly struck me was how Jack reacted to when Will was stabbed by Davy Jones. You can totally tell that he was greatly affected by it and I think it showed at that moment that he cared about Will despite of what he said or what they did to each other in the past. Speaking of Will, I love how when he was in the cell aboard the Flying Dutchman, he was wondering what Will would do in his situation. Loved the fight sequence between him and Davy Jones. I particularly love the scene between Barbossa and Jack in front of the Kraken and they talk about a changing world; you really see a serious side of Sparrow’s character at that point. Oh! and hilarious how at the end he ended up back where he was at the beginning: no ship but a tiny little row boat (at least it’s more furnished…and he has a map! LOL). But my brother was right when he pointed out that from all the characters, Jack didn’t change from POTC1 to this movie—he didn’t end up much better or much worse off from when we’ve seen him at the beginning.
  • Felt a bit cheated that we didn’t see how the Kraken was killed (well, my brother felt more cheated than I did). Also felt cheated that we didn’t see any of the other pirate ships fight the British fleet (don’t know who was more dismayed, me or my brother). I was also dismayed that we didn’t get any more information about Beckett and Jack’s past and how they knew each other and stuff, only that they know what betrayal meant. Maybe it’s a deleted scene? I hope so because that was a big question that was bothering me in DMC.
  • I did love Beckett’s last scene in the movie, the way he froze up when he saw the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman sailing against him and the way he walked down as everything was falling apart around him. He was just in a state of disbelief and the effects around him really matched that mood of his sense of defeat. Excellent…almost made up for the fact that we didn’t get more information behind who he was.
  • The Brethern scenes were hilarious and pretty cool. Remarkable how fast Elizabeth managed to rise in the ranks of the pirates, but yeah, was most amused by all the pirate lords gathered in one place. Pity Chow Yun Fat’s character didn’t live long enough to get to join it, I think he would’ve certainly brought a whole different colour to the entire gathering.
  • Is it wrong that I was rooting for the British Navy (minus Beckett and his right-hand man who died a very gory death)? LOL. Wished we could’ve seen Norrington command the fleet. I seriously thought the movie would end with the British Navy winning and ushering in the beginnings of their dominance over the seas, but then again it’s a Disney movie, they wouldn’t have gone down that route, lol. That’s just me being all historical and pro-British Navy, LOL.
  • I can’t think of anything else to say at the moment about the movie but all in all, good movie, glad pretty much everyone came back for this third installment. Dunno if they’d make another installment, but I’m overall statisfied. The first movie I think is still my favourite because it was fun and serious at the same time whereas these last two installments got more serious than fun. But it’s understandable and it’s really interesting, especially how they all try to get their way behind each other’s backs. Confusing at times, but it appears to be the way of pirates for the most part, lol. But it also really begs the question about the idea of a changing world…

    Rating: ★★★½☆


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