Movie: Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix (2007)

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Another movie review that I had originally posted over at my LJ. I saw OotP a while back, July 14th to be exact. I never watched any of the HP movies in the theatres, so that was quite a surprise to say that I wanted to see it in the theatres. And I think this has to be my favourite of the bunch released so far. Ahead lies spoilers.

  • Okay, I read the book a long time ago and I don’t own a copy so I honestly remembered only bits and pieces from the movie. But I thought the movie was well done, it had a different feel which was excellent given how the story was going (hmm, according to, David Yates is directing the 6th movie, which is cool because I like his style, he has a thing for detail and the minor actions). Some of the aerial shots of Hogwarts sort of reminded me of LOTR for some reason (must be a scenery around Hogwarts—either way, must reread/rewatch LOTR at some point) but I dunno, the way they filmed it was just wonderful, it added to the film I think.
  • I admit that given how thick that book was, a lot of scenes were left out (i.e. what happened to the Weasley twins after his little, er, prank on Umbridge? Which, btw, was like, my favourite scene of the entire movie—I heart those Weasley twins…and Snape seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth after that scene in Umbridge’s office). But at least everyone had some screentime (though some more Remus would have been nice) and the casting for the new characters was pretty good (i.e. Umbridge—my goodness was that woman insane, she was like a freakin’ fascist/dictator…I couldn’t help but start drawing parallels with political theory at some point during the movie). So speaking of characters and cast members…Yay that Lucius Malfoy’s back! With a better wig! Ahhh, Jason Issacs, you need to show up in more movies, I missed you…but yeah, he kicked ass. Hilarious how he had more screentime than Draco, lol (crikey, he had what? Three scenes all in all? Looked good in the black turtleneck though at the beginning of the movie).
  • Aside from the Weasley stint there with Umbridge, my favourite scene had to be from the minute they entered the Department of Mysteries onward. It was dark and a lot of the light just came from the glow and their encounter with the Death Eaters…yeah, that was nuts. And that fight sequence in that other room (I thought they were fighting somewhere else in the book?) was just insane…I guess I like this movie a lot because we finally get to see some hardcore fight sequences with a lot of magic involved. It was great to see. And the showdown between Voldemort and Dumbledore? I wished it was longer but it was kick-arse. And the final struggle with Harry and Voldemort in his mind? Loved the use of flashbacks at that point (reminded me how much the trio grew up since the first movie).
  • The only thing that slightly disappointed me was the ending of the film; they had such a great momentum after that fight sequence and they chose to end it with…I don’t know, Harry’s dialogue at the end just seemed…it didn’t seem right given what he just went through. You know? I know the book ended with him being upset and stuff, and with Voldemort gathering his forces, you think it would end with a darker note. Or that’s just me liking the darker turn in the plot, lol. What is wrong with me, LOL?
  • I realize that my review is going wonky now, heheh. All in all, I enjoyed it. Although a lot of stuff were compressed (and I don’t remember all of the stuff that was compressed) given the amount of screentime there was, if the general plotline is clearly there and the mood of the novel is in there, I’m usually good, lol. I think I need to reread those last two books at some point.

    Rating: ★★★½☆


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