Review: The Alexandria Link

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The Alexandria Link
By: Steve Berry

For starters, I think Steve Berry is amazing, 1 000% more amazing than Dan Brown. He doesn’t follow a formula in his suspense plots, he always chooses the most interesting historical mysteries as the central issues of his stories and his characters are radically different from one another. This book is the second one featuring the character of Cotton Malone, a former US agent who became a book store owner and resided in Copenhagen. Without giving away too much of the plot, basically what happens is that his son is kidnapped by this fairly obscure organization who wants to prod Cotton into unveiling the Alexandria Link. The plot gets even thicker with political conspiracies back in Washington and political implications. It’s a fantastic read, all of the characters we’ve come to know in the previous Cotton Malone adventure, The Templar Legacy, makes an appearance in this novel. What’s even better is that all the characters’ roles expand a bit over the course of the novel, which is great. I suppose the fact that the entire plot is carrying out back and forth between Washington, Europe and Asia, adds to the pace of the novel.

Initally, I found Stephanie’s strand of the storyline in Washington DC far more interesting than Cotton’s; the political intrigue and the colourful array of politicians made for some very good scenes. Cotton’s strand was a bit slower at the start; then again, his part started with a bam (no pun intended). But those strands, along with Henrik’s (which was also a fun read), came together wonderfully. The implications of the possibilities raised in this novel were quite intriguing, which added to the excitement of it all. Overall, a terrific read, especially if you want to unwind from reading a lot of textbooks and nonfiction (which I was doing prior to reading this book).

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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